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    • HL-K series
    • HL-K series

    HL-K series

    Converts your fork truck into a drum handler

    ●Converts your fork truck into a drum handler

    ●Easliy lift,transport,raise and tilt loaded drums

    ●The 10' pull-chain loop allows control from the driver's seat

    ●It has 30:1 ratio

    ●Only for steel drum

    Model HL-K285AHL-K285B
    Drum Size 572MM(22.5")Diameter,210 Liters(55 gallon)572MM(22.5")Diameter,210 Liters(55 gallon)
    Fork Opening  24-2/5"(620MM)apart24-2/5"(620MM)apart
    Fork Pockets 2-1/2 high x 7" wide(65x180MM)2-1/2 high x 7" wide(65x180MM)
    Package Size 1010×780×2290MM/5PCS1010×840×1860MM/4PCS
    Net WeightKG/LBS70/15497/214
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