• What is a Small electric Lift tables?
     Jul 19, 2019|View:414

    Small electric Lift tables are a vertical lifting device for transporting people or objects. It also refers to vertical conveying equipment in logistics systems, such as factories and automatic warehouses. Small electric Lift tables are usually equipped with various plane conveying equipment, as a connecting device of different height conveying lines. It is usually driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is called a Small electric Lift tables platform.

    Small electric Lift tables..png

    The Small electric Lift tables of lifts have been widely used in municipal maintenance, cargo transportation of wharfs and logistics centers, building decoration and so on. Car chassis, battery car chassis can walk freely, working height space has also changed, light weight, self-propelled. Electric start, self-supporting leg, simple operation, large working face, can carry out 360 degrees of free rotation, such as high-altitude operation across obstacles.

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