• Rated Lifting Weight and Lifting Speed of mini hand pallet truck
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    Mini hand pallet truck  is an industrial handling vehicle. It refers to all kinds of wheeled handling vehicles that carry on loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation of component pallets. It is often used for the transportation of large items, usually driven by fuel engines or batteries.

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    The technical parameters of the mini hand pallet truck are used to show the structural characteristics and working performance of the forklift. The main technical parameters are rated lifting weight, load center distance, large lifting height, gantry inclination, large speed, small turning radius, small ground clearance, wheelbase, wheelbase, etc.

    Rated Lifting Weight of mini hand pallet truck : When the forklift truck is in use, it mainly refers to the large weight of goods allowed to lift when the distance between the center of gravity of goods and the front wall of the fork is not greater than the distance between the center of load, expressed as T (ton). When the center of gravity of the goods on the fork exceeds the specified load center distance, due to the limitation of the longitudinal stability of the fork truck, the lifting weight should be reduced accordingly.

    The load center distance of a mini hand pallet truck  refers to the horizontal distance T from the center of gravity to the front wall of the vertical section of the fork when standard cargo is placed on the fork, expressed in mm (mm). For 1T to 4T mini hand pallet truck, the specified load center distance is 500mm. Large lifting height: Large lifting height refers to the vertical distance between the upper surface of the horizontal section of the forklift and the horizontal ground where the forklift truck is located when the forklift truck is fully loaded on a flat and solid ground and the goods are raised to a high position.

    The inclination angle of the portal frame of a mini hand pallet truck refers to the large inclination angle of the portal frame forward or backward relative to its vertical position on the flat and solid ground of the unloaded small handcart. The function of forward inclination angle is to facilitate forking and unloading cargo; the function of backward inclination angle is to prevent cargo from sliding from the fork when the forklift carries cargo. Generally, the front inclination angle of mini hand pallet truck is 3 ~6 and the rear inclination angle is 10 ~12.

    The large lifting speed of a mini hand pallet truck usually refers to the large lifting speed of goods when the forklift truck is fully loaded, expressed in m/min (m/min). Increasing the large lifting speed can improve the operation efficiency, but too fast lifting speed is prone to cargo damage and damage accidents. The large lifting speed of domestic mini hand pallet truck has been increased to 20 m/min. Increasing driving speed has a great influence on improving the working efficiency of forklift trucks. For an internal-combustion forklift with a lifting weight of 1T, its low driving speed at full load is not less than 17m/min.

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