• What is a power pallet truck?
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    Power pallet truck is a branch of construction machinery. Its products are mainly used for loading and unloading, stacking, short-distance handling and traction of parts and materials. It plays an important role in the logistics system of the whole society and is widely used in manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and logistics and other fields.

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    Power pallet truck are very different from other construction machinery, such as excavators, loaders and bulldozers. The downstream industries of the Power pallet truck are relatively large and widely distributed, and the demand elasticity of its products is relatively small. Therefore, the power tray is not sensitive to the cyclical fluctuation of a single industry, but it is closely related to the overall operation cycle of the macro-economy, and fluctuates with the macro-economic cycle.

    Power pallet truck is composed of power system, transmission system, steering system, hydraulic system, body system, control system, electrical system, braking system and lifting components. Although the machine is small, it has all five internal organs. So when we look at the joint effort financial report, we find that the joint effort has the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of hydraulic, power, transmission and so on.

    Power pallet truck is divided into internal combustion engine tray car, electric tray car, manual tray car. It is further classified as electric balanced weight pallet truck,Powe pallet truck, electric walking storage pallet truck, and internal combustion engine balanced weight pallet truck.

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