• Cautions for mini hand pallet truck
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    Before and after operation, the appearance, sound signal, starting, running and braking performance of the mini hand pallet truck should be checked.

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    Before starting, observe the surroundings, whether the ground conditions are allowed to use; after confirming that there are no obstacles hindering driving safety, first whistle and then start.

    When loading goods correctly, do not overload. When forking goods, the spacing between two forks should be adjusted according to the need so as to balance the load of the two forks and not deviate. One side of the goods should be attached to the shelf, and the height of the load should not block the driver's sight.

    Mini hand pallet truck should not be raised too high when driving. When entering or leaving the work site or driving, attention should be paid to whether there are obstacles scratching above. When the load is running, if the fork is raised too high, the overall gravity center height of the mini hand pallet truck will be increased, which will affect the stability of the mini hand pallet truck.

    When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, signal should be sent out first, and high-speed sharp turning should be prohibited. Rapid turning at high speed will cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and roll over.

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