• Safety Measures of Small?electric?Lift?tables
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    Small electric Lift tables of small electric elevator mainly start from two aspects: on the one hand, measures are taken from design and manufacture to improve the safety and technical characteristics of automobile elevator; on the other hand, strict operating rules should be followed in the course of use and maintenance to ensure the correct operation of the elevator in a good technical state. Here are the explanations and the latter. Nowadays, many advanced technologies in the world, such as automatic control photoelectric switch, have been widely used in the design field of various safety devices. Therefore, when designing and manufacturing lifts, advanced, reliable and practical modern safety technologies should be actively adopted in accordance with the characteristics of products.

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    The structure of Small electric Lift tables is divided into mechanical structure part and electrical equipment part. The explosion-proof certificate can be obtained only when the two parts meet the requirements of explosion-proof performance. Although the type test and explosion-proof certificate are checked at the time of leaving the factory, its comprehensive explosion-proof safety performance will receive installation, construction and overhaul in actual use. Maintenance, usage time and other factors.

    There are various pollutants in the hydraulic oil of the Small electric Lift tables, among which the main pollutants are solid particles, in addition to water, air and harmful chemicals. The main cause of pollution is caused by both external and internal factors. The external cause refers to the moisture content of solid magazines. Other oil and air enter the system. The internal reason is that besides the pollution caused by the original new oil, the wear of moving parts and the change of physical and chemical properties of hydraulic oil in the course of use.

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