• Power Pallet Truck
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    The eBST Power pallet truck is an ultra-compact motorized pallet truck,which convert from manual pallet truck. The electric components are including dual motor system,Intelligent control tiller,control system,Lithium battery and charger.

    It is a revolution that people can have an ergonomic and cost-effective power pallet truck,that can greatly improve both the productivity and ergonomics of your operation.


    ● Power Components:

    Available to convert manual pallet truck into Electric Pallet Truck

    ● Electric drive, hydraulic lifting

    ● 2 hours of continuous work

    ● Differential motor with big power : 700W

    ● Overload motor protection device

    ● Smooth stepless speed control

    ● Excellent climbing ability

    ● Lithium battery:48V/15AH

    ● New fork design;  

    Ensure 25% more strength than standard fork 

    eBST-1 拷貝4.jpg

    eBST-1 拷貝2.jpg


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